January 15, 2017

It has come to light that the powers that be want the perfect soldier. So what happens when or if the day comes and they create a whole army?  We see in the transhumanism movement they would like to erase the connection between the mother and child. This would sever a part of what it is to be human.

The lack of a real mother and father and the love they share would damage the child. They would be raised in a vat with no human contact. We have no idea how this would affect a child. This might be a cause for some disconnect between the child and humans.

Would this create a killing machine “The Beast” that is talked about in the Bible? No one really knows the answer. This is one experiment I pray never happens. This would perhaps do untold harm to the child and the human race! This could create the army of the Anti-Christ.

So what is a Chimera? The online Stanford Encyclopedia states that a Chimera is: an individual comp...

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