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Lavender Lip Balm

Lavender Lip Balm

SKU: 126351351935
$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price

This Tiramisu Lip Balm/Scrub is made from all natual ingredients. Shea butter, beeswax, vanilla extract, and of course coffee. The instant coffee granduels not only adds the flavor that makes up the prodomonate tone in tiramisu but it imparts a scrubbing effect that will kiss those chapped lips goodbuy. The coffee scrubbs and the shea butter sooths, making your lips highly kissable. Make sure to pick this up with your other products. This order includes 2 Tiramisu Lip Balms/Scrubs. Share one with a friend or keep both for yourself.

This product is in a 5ml chap stick container. When you twitst the disk at the bottom of the tube more product comes out the top so you can get to the product easier. 

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