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Grace Will Set You... Free!

It is great that GOD gave us the law. Without his guidance I know I would have more struggles then I do. Most people think that the law is so binding because GOD wants us to slaves, but the opposite is true. GOD habe is the law to help us. When I was a new teacher I thought that if I was nice to my students and gave them second chances they would follow my directions. Boy was I wrong. As I developed my "law" in my classroom I concentrated on just 3-4 rules, plus I mapped out consequences for breaking these rules. I slowly learned how to enforce these rules as concisely as possible so I could get back to the teaching my students before class was over. During my second year of teaching I began to see my students responding favourably to my instruction. Soon I was not having to discipline and give consequences less and less. Because the students understood what was expected of them they were happier and more productive. Also if anyone did break a rule I knew it was not on purpose and I was able to give them grace, a freebie if you will while reminding hem to do better. I am so grateful thst our GOD (YHVH) in heaven loves us the same. He gives us rules and consequences, but when we break one (on purpose or by accident) then he gives us grace. GOD(YHVH) bless you in Jesus's name. 

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