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3 Eye Exercises To Say Goodbye To You Optometrist!

Originally I found several videos of how to do eye exercises on YouTube. The eyes are a muscle just like anything else.

I of course being a good wife tasked my husband to being my guinea pig. I also would be trying these exercises myself. My husband had the most to gain from these eye exercises. His eyes have suffered from many medical issues in his lifetime. He had cancer at age 15 and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation from age 15-17 years of age. Eight years into our marriage he suffered a mini-stroke at age 30. At that time he had also had a seizure and he was put on 4-5 medications that not only made him extremely sleepy but affected his eye-site more then the stroke. My husband had been wearing glasses for a good 20 years when we stared doing these exercises.

So here is what you have been waiting for,

The 3 Exercises To Better Eye Sight:

1. Essentially you start by stretching your eyes first. This is the order I start. While not moving your head look up, look down, right, left, right side up in the corner, left side down in the corner, right side down in the corner, and left side down in the corner.

2.Then roll your eyes 20 times clockwise, then 20 times counter clockwise. This exercise works with the muscle of the eye itself. Over the years the eye becomes flabby just like any other skeletal muscle in your body. It needs exercise just like anything else.

3. a. - This next exercise is easiest to do in the car while being a passenger. (Safety note: Please, please do not be the one driving while doing these exercise. You may just crash the car and that would be awful.)

Pick a sign, building, something in the distance. Focus your eyes on this sign. As the car you are riding in drives closer and closer to this object you are focusing on. Keep watching this object get closer while focusing your eyes on it. If it is a sign see if you can read the sign from far off and as it gets closer continue focusing on the words until it passes you by. Do this 5-10 times.

3. b-You can also do this sitting at home. I start by extending my arm out in front of me with my index finger pointing up. I have my eyes focus on the finger nail on the index finger and continue to focus on the mail while bring the fingernail slowly closer and closer to my nose. Do this exercise 5-10 times. This exercise works with your eyes focusing because how quick the eyes can change focus is needed day to day.

The original video I watched said if you do the exercises everyday for a month you should see your eyes make a vast improvement. Then continue to do the exercises until you get your eyes to where you want them to be. At that point you will only need to exercise your eyes once every couple of weeks.

There are other Eye Exercises that you can do to improve your eyes. You may decide that you want to add them to your “workout”. Feel free to do so, but if you are like me you want the quickest route from A to B. If so then the Eye Exercises I have listed will give you great results. GOD bless.

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