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I Found My Dog, Dead :-(

Derek used to work on a brick yard. A man that lived beside the brick yard walked into the office and told me that “Ya’ll have an issue.” Me: What is the problem? Guy: My dog is on your brick yard. Me: We will just go get your dog. Guy: We can’t, your workers are eating him. At first Derek through he was joking and Derek started laughing. Derek said to me that I found out soon that he wasn’t joking when he started to lose his temper. Guy: If you think this is funny, go out there and look. I also want to talk to your manager or whoever is in charge. Sure enough when Derek followed him through the brick yard to were the where the kilns in the back of the yard, there we saw the man’s dog being roasted using the heat from beneath the kiln. They did not speak English well either.

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