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Pay attention to when a women cuts her hair, it's important.

Women have hair issues. I think a lot of girls/ women/ gals/ ladies do. We may not think so but most of us are identified by our hair. Whether we shave it bald, cut it short, grow it long it is a part of who we identity as ourself. The main reason a girl will cut her hair quickly without issues is after a tragedy. We use our hair as a sign of release or a new beginning. I am a school teacher. I was really excited that my hair was finally getting to the length I wanted it. It was super long at that time and I loved how it looked, very low maintenance. Then.... tragedy struck. dum, dum, dum! A student in my class gave me lice, and bit just any 'ol lice... super lice. I used 3 prescription strength hair treatments and two over the counter treatments. When my husband began applying the first treatment he could not get the sign through my long locks. I took a deep breath and we cut it into a bob. Not too bad I told myself. I can quickly grow my hair out. Two more treatments lasted the Live are still hanging on. My husband cuts it into an A line bob, long in the front, short in the back. Iv had this cut before no problem I can do this. Still those bugs hung on! Next all my hair except for 1inch all over my head. I cried profusely. My husband cried profusely. My husband knew how long I had been growing out my hair and understood why women have difficulty cutting their hair when they are not ready. You see my husband is my best friend, he listens to me, he wants to know what makes me tic. He was crying because of my immense sadness.... and then we chopped, and chopped, and I continue to cry. We looked at YouTube videos to get the right style but I still didn't feel that I looked like myself. So I did what any other girl would do, I dyed it purple. You see I was going to go back to school to 600 K-5 grade students that were going to ask 600 times why I cut my hair so short. Kids are very honest with you and will ask you things without a filter. I love this about kids but I had to think of something fast or I will be telling why my hair was short ALL DAY LONG. Dying my hair purple was the answer. And It Worked. Instead of why is your hair short it was... I like your purple hair. I know a book but I love completing an entire thought.

It makes me happy. What makes you happy?

OK, why am I talking about this subject. I like connecting with people that feel the same about simular . things.

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