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Two Models

Sometimes I wait


Sometimes I am happy

But lost

I get the point

But sometimes have to erase

Life is serious

Until you go to a tea party with a bear, a clown, and a little girl

When a small thing

Becomes a BIG thing

We smell the roses

But do we truly SEE them?

We see the sunrise over the mountains

But is that better than a sunset at the beach?

Being a person is really hard to do

Until you find that person that becomes your person

Your person leaves the toilet seat up

But are you the one being rude by putting the seat down?

Time runs very fast

But can we catch it?

We attempt to find the answers to questions

And when we do our reality changes

You find the perfect dress

But have no one to show it to

We close our eyes for darkness

But it is interrupted by the film that is shown on our eyelids

Love is love

Until it is hate

Take time to care.

Nikki L. Davis

I would love your thoughts on this. This is only the second poem I have written for myself.

Please feel free to leave comments here or on Facebook.

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