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Fatigue getting you down! Try this to get you up!

Here at GLOP we are not only concerned with your spiritual health but your physical health. We believe that though Jesus you can be healed and by following a clean diet that is free from processing, genetic modification, and as organic as you can find is going to have everlasting benefits.

(Disclaimer: The following information should not be taken as medical advice. If you are having medical issues seek a doctor for medical advice. Information that you read below is only suggestions that have worked for us.)

One of the biggest hurdles to getting better...... is fatigue.

One of the biggest battles you will face is just getting out of bed. Find something you like to do to get yourself up. Start small. You don't have to run marathons. Just 5 steps the first day, 10 steps the next and so on. Feel worse the next day just do 10 steps and hold steady to that until you can do 15 steps. Little by little you will see improvement. Here are some activities that you can do to get you up:

  • cooking

  • walking the dog

  • planting something in the garden

  • your favorite hobby

  • reading

  • stargazing (we love do this on a warm fall or spring night)

Sometimes just staying awake when all you want to do is sleep can be a problem too. You body needs sleep but too much sleep and it can sidetrack your healing. Your first thought might be coffee but that can backfire and make you feel drained in a couple of hours. Here are some things that have gave us more energy to get all the things done that have to be done.

What we have tried that works for us:

  • Adding Vitamin B to our supplements

  • Superfood in the morning (our brand Amazing Super grass)

  • Bothouse Farms (1 cup)

  • Brookside Farms Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry

I hope some of these ideas have giving you something to try while you are healing, overcoming sickness, or just want to feel better overall. See you soon!

Family Photo Time! Derek, me and Jingle.

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