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Is You Liver Damaged? Is You Liver Causing You Great Pain?

Cirrhosis of the liver can occur when prescription medicines are given to patients but not testing them to check on liver function. Medicines like cholesterol, heart, hormones, steroids, large amounts of Acetaminophen, among other drugs. My husband had the same pain on the right side of the torso just under the ribs. For the long term I gave him milk thistle. Start with 250mg and then add to it if the pain does not completely go away. If you have cammomile tea or have a tea like Sweet Dreams this can be given at least 3 times a day or more. Check on the back to see if it has cammomile in it. That is the herb that will start cleaning out the liver. You can also drink kombucha. This drink is becoming very available right now. You can find it in Food Lion (in the South), Walmart, or other grocery stores. If these drinks help they can be given as much as needed. Of course chamomile will make you sleepy but with the amount of pain you are in you will be able to start healing while you sleep. I sure hope this helps. Let me know. GOD bless!

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