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So what is the seat of Moses?

So what is the seed of Moses? So the seed of Moses is where the Sadducees and Pharisees would create laws. These walls they believe that even the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob would have to obey. The thing is this is what Jesus said man made traditions. Man-made traditions is where you create a tradition in which you have people follow that is really unbiblical. The thing is is that this same beliefs and teaching is going on today. There are many Channels on YouTube and make a churches that teach this way. This is a very slippery slope. When you say or tell your followers do you have a secret knowledge that only God has given you. This is what the father calls a proud heart. One in which these teachings you will never find any in the Bible. See when people start telling you what to believe how to believe who to believe and it doesn’t match up to biblical truth. You should run away!I have seen this firsthand this is a very cold sick mentality. The sad thing is the people that are in the occult never really will believe it there in one. Never trust someone that thinks they have authority and it doesn’t match up with the Bible. Go to them correct them pray for them but never believe is them. This world is full of this type of teaching. Sad thing is no one reads their Bible anymore! Four if people truly read their Bibles we would not have to worry about the great deception. So I’m asking you am I closing statement please read your Bibles for yourself.So I’m asking you am I closing statement please read your Bibles for yourself.

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