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When your scared!

Well I my be in the hospital. My heart pills end and we don't know what is going to happen! Please be in prayer we see the doctor tomorrow. We got back from my sister appointment with her doctor. She has been putting it off because she found a knot In Her breast. She was scared to go back to the doctors. So Nikki's been talking to her to go back. Told her that Jesus got this. Well she doesn't believe in miracles. Nikki said that's okay she does! Well after months trying to get her to go back in she made the appointment. Doctor wanted her come in and usually field up. Takes months to get in. Called her doctor Monday. Doctor opened her appointments up for my sister to come in. The reason why is she thought it was cancer in her beast and it's been months since she been in they thought it was going to be bad. Nikki and I said no it's not because we prayed. She said I hope your right. Well she had the exam and they looked and said the knot was nothing nothing at all. She and the doctor were amazed!! Nikki said see my God your GOD if you want him had this!!!! She is now listening more to Nikki about Jesus. Please pray that this brings the whole family to Jesus Christ!!!

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