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How can I get this boy to leave me alone or how can I get him to date me?

You should not date immediately...... and let me explain why. First thing you will need to pay attention to is if he bothers you alot. Pulling on your head, interrupting you when you are talking to someone on the phone or another person, pestering you among lots of other annoying things. First of all boys... young, old, or with a walker will always annoy a girl they like. Most (notice I said most) men don't know what to do with feelings in the beginning. They are not even sure they are feelings. Men's main hormone (testosterone, duh) promotes strength, endurance, competitiveness are results of this hormone... but not what to do with feelings. So if you have a boy, guy, man, that is fidgeting with you, pulling your hair, poking you in the ribs... small things, then he is totally into you. However if he is not doing small things like, pushing you against the wall, tripping you, complaining about the clothes you wear, flirting with other women right in front of you. He is not flirting, he just wants attention. That is another article all together. However little annoying things are a sign he might be into you but he is seeing how you react to those things. If you fly off the handle whenever he does this he will stop all together and might decide you are not for him. But if you smile, tease him back, flip your hair, among other things that girls do then he might start thinking... I might like her better. This is the first stage of the getting to know you phase. Don't skip this step. This is a fun one and will determine if you need to pursue dating. No one speaks of courtship much anymore but this can be a very romantic phase. Let the other person see the real you. Don't pretend you are someone else to try to get the guy or gal. You might end up with someone you can't even live with. This is a problem if you skipped the courtship and went straight to marriage. If you have other questions you would like me to take a jab at feel free to leave questions down below. Have a great week. GOD bless.

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