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My Ovarian Cancer

I had ovarian cancer 5 years ago. I was having issues with my only working kidney so radiation and chemo was going to be out of the question. I knew the only to things I could do: 1. Pray and 2. Go completely plant based (vegan). I was diagnosed around the 22nd of March 2017 and they had not scheduled my surgery until April 16, 2017 to take out the huge tumor on my ovary.

For that entire month I didn’t eat meat, cheese, ranch dressing, cream cheese, eggs or any other of my favorite things. I also made sure I didn’t get up or all around unless it was to the bathroom. When I spoke to my oncologist before heading back to surgery I asked how long surgery would take. She said it depended on him much the cancer spread and what they had to remove. She told my husband that is they were finished in 30 minutes then they couldn’t do anything . This of course made the cancer even more real. Not only did I change my diet but any moment I thought about it I prayed for this cancer to be nothing and when they open me up all they would just have to is just take out the tumor.

After the doctor came and left the anesthesiologist arrived to go over sedation and monitoring of vitals. He saw from my chart I was Christian and want red me to know him and his wife prayed for me and my surgery today. I told him thank you and asked if it was just my surgery they prayed over. He said he takes his files home to review the night before and that is when him and his wife pray for the people going into surgery. We invited him to pray with us and he enthusiastically agreed. YHVH was definitely present in that room.

It came time for me to be taken back. With a hug for my parents and a kiss for my husband I was taken back for surgery.

My parents and Derek when to get something to eat and after 30 minutes the food arrived and at that same time they were called back to the surgical waiting room. My husband hurried back while my parents got boxes to go and paid due the check. Derek’s heart sank with the news that my surgery was over. When got to surgical waiting room the doctor was waiting for him. She motioned for him to follow her into a consultation room. Immediately she begins with its good news because she could see the deep concern on Derek’s face. She explained that the tumor was still intact and surrounded by a thin membrane. When the tumor was removed and taken to a surgical pan. Upon contact with the pan the membrane around the tumor split and all the tumors contents spilled out. She noted to Derek that if the tumor had ruptured while in Nikki (me) there would be nothing that could have been done.

It’s hard to believe but with Christ Jesus nothing is impossible. I owe him life many times over. I know this was long but I really wanted to share this with you.

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